Big Gyms, Small Gyms, Home Gyms: The Pro And Cons

You’ve decided to get back to sports but don’t know where to exercise? You hesitate between a big and a small gym? You want to get results quickly but you are not super motivated to join a gym? You are not comfortable with sweating in front of other people, you don’t necessarily know how to use the equipment, and are afraid of the subscription price, so you wonder if you have other options. So home gym? If not, big gym, small gym? Where should you go to get results?

The benefits of home training

The benefits of training at home are mostly practical and economical! No schedule constraints, whether you prefer to train before work or in the evening, after putting the children to sleep… Your gym is always open so no more excuses about schedule problems.

Training at home is also time-saving. No need to travel. So if you have children, it can be a very good way to reconcile all your obligations! You can even make dinner during the breaks! If you have children, it can often be complicated to find time to go to the gym during the day as often they do not yet offer to take care of our toddlers while we take care of ourselves.

The other main benefit is economical! Subscribing to a gym can be very expensive. So if you have a limited budget, it could be very interesting to train at home to save yourself too much expense. Just browse the internet to find online skiing exercises. You can get the best functional fitness equipment and mma gear online, for quite cheap.

Last benefit; no one to disturb you! A common fear amongst people who hesitate to go to a gym is to be judged by others. Whether it’s because you’re not feeling good about yourself, you don’t really know how to use the machines, practicing at home guarantees your privacy!

The cons of home gym

There are few downsides to home gym. First, there is the problem of space. OK, you need a little room to do push-ups or abs in your living room. But some exercises require more space and may include jumps. If you live in a flat, not sure that your neighbors enjoy hearing you jump over their heads at 6 a.m….

But the real downside to exercising at home is that it can sometimes be difficult to progress in the long run. More than the quantity of practice sessions or the training method, what counts to get results is above all to be constantly looking to progress. Do more reps, lift more weight, work longer. Your body gets used to the effort, so you have to push further continuously.

So, of course, if you don’t have weights at home, you can always increase the repetitions. You are right… in the short term! Because if today you do 10 push-ups, next week 11, the next 12 etc. In a year, how much will you have to do to continue to progress? 100? 200? and in 3 years? Not only will your sessions last longer and longer, but above all, you might get demotivated!

Of course, you can buy some weights to compensate and continue to progress. But unless you invest a lot, you will never have as much equipment as in a gym (a big one). In addition, possible exercises at home without equipment can be limited. If you want to strengthen your back, once you are done with push-ups, your choice of exercises may be quickly limited.

Another disadvantage of sport at home is the absence of professional advice. The skills of coaches in certain gyms is debatable, but this is a convenient way to get a personal training. At home, if you do an exercise wrong, it is difficult to correct yourself. Remember that even if you feel like you are doing a good exercise, the risks of injury and are very serious.

The benefits of a gym 

So while you can be quite limited at home, in a gym, you can have almost no limits! This is very important to make sure you continuously progress. Beyond the machines and possible exercises, the gym gives the possibility to try different activities such as zumba, body-combat, stretching, abs-glutes, group fitness, a ski exercise program, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, you have people around to check the way you do an exercise, to advise you on a technique. And don’t forget that in most gyms, you have a first coaching session included for free in your subscription. Do not hesitate to ask questions at the reception of your gym and return to see the coaches as soon as you need advice.

Besides, having people around is a motivation for exercising. Seeing all these people giving their all is making them want to do the same. In addition, since you paid, took time to come, you might as well optimise the effort by giving everything!

The cons of a gym

If you’ve decided to go for a gym, you might wonder which kind is best for you. Even though you will find more equipment, there are some real cons going to a big gym. Starting from the other members! Between those looking at you working out, those who try to flirt with, you can quickly feel oppressed. 

But do not worry, this type of situation can be avoided if you go to a smaller gym. Just keep in mind that you might have another problem; the lack of equipment. You’ll sometimes have to share your machine with someone else. And nothing more annoying than being in the room and not being able to do what you had planned or risking losing motivation while waiting your turn.

The moral of the story is to always go with what works best for you and what’s going to get you to your goals. Don’t be afraid to try multiple gyms and approaches until you find what’s right! 

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