The Latest Trends In Fitness Equipment

If you have decided that you are going to get fit and you want to create a gym at home, then you need to ensure that you have the following fitness equipment to see if you are on-trend from the offset.

Sustainable fitness

These days, fitness is more than just training. As well as exercise, fitness also needs to include healthy nutrition. Healthy eating goes without saying, but many others are also turning to supplements such as the best immune system booster or looking to purchase dietary supplements online to further enhance our health and fitness.

Exercise dice

If you want to vary the exercises that you do in your new gym, then get some exercise dice.  These dice may feature different exercises such as X amount of reps, jumping jacks, squats and lunges etc. All of these will help to keep your exercise routine fresh and new. 


Blocks are also a perfect accessory for when you’re doing yoga to help you perfect your moves. Blocks can also help you when it comes to yoga. For instance, you can hold a block between your thighs when you move from down dog to up dog to help improve your abs.

Yoga mat

Use a yoga mat for stretching after exercise or for completing a yoga sequence. There are many benefits to using a yoga mat such as they help to improve balance and stability and they also provide grip and comfort.

Yoga strap

Another accessory which you can use when doing yoga is a yoga strap. These help you to stretch your body after your workout and it doesn’t matter how flexible you are to be able to use one of these.


Skiing is not only a sport, but it can also be part of a holiday. A ski exercise program or ski training is advisable if you have never taken part before. As a leisure activity, skiing is growing in popularity for the masses.

Weighted jump rope

It has been said that if you spend 10 minutes using a jump rose, it is the equivalent of jogging for 30-minutes. Get yourself a weighted jump rope and try to find one that has removable weights attached to it. To begin with, look for a jump rope which holds one-pound weights.


You can use kettlebells to improve strength in a small amount of space. Also, use them to swing or for doing deadlifts.

Weighted armbands

You don’t need to lift a lot of weight to feel the benefits. Get yourself some weighted armbands which may only weigh around a pound. These are available in various colours and help to add some resistance to your exercise routine. 

Medicine balls 

Use a medicine ball to improve your strength by slamming it, throwing and lifting it. A medicine ball is great for working out your shoulders, triceps, quads glutes, abdomen and calves.

Resistance bands

If you want to firm up your buttocks then resistance bands are a great way of doing this. Place these around your ankles or knees when performing squats to achieve a pert behind. 

TRX bands

Attach these to a sturdy door or a wall and you will have full-body training equipment. Not only will these help to enhance your posture, but they will also help to build muscle. When using TRX bands, you can increase the difficulty by changing the way you angle your body.


If you like to do exercise that works on your cardiovascular system then a treadmill is a good choice. There are lots to choose from and they can be as inexpensive or expensive as you wish.  Many treadmills can also be folded up, so if you have a small area as a gym, this is perfect. These days, treadmills can also track your workout and provide you training too. 

Balance balls

If you want to improve your posture whilst at the same time working out your core, then consider investing in a balance ball. Balance balls can also be great for stretching exercises.


If you want to improve your bodyweight exercises such as mountain climbers and lunges, consider investing in a slider. 

Workout wear

Whether you prefer sweatpants or mma fight shorts, ladies, you need to make sure you’ve also got these items in your wardrobe to be on-trend:

  • If organisation is your thing then you need to make sure that you’ve got the right items in order to correctly perform your yoga moves. For instance, try and wear a loose tank top as well as a well-fitted sports bra.
  • If you prefer to do Zumba, then opt for blue Capri leggings with a bra top which has a high neck. Capris usually include anti-microbial properties which help to keep your body free from germs caused by sweat. A top which is high necked will help to make exercise more bearable. 
  • If you like to take part in Pilates then cropped leggings and a bright tank top are a good choice. Try and choose seamless leggings as these will help to reduce any chafing and therefore make exercising much more comfortable. With a tank top, choose a material that’s been specifically modified and avoid pure cotton.
  • If you like to go running, then choose some black leggings which are designed to take on sweat and a simple top that slouches. Another option would be to wear a tank top that has an inbuilt bra so you’re not having to layer in the warmer months.
  • If you’re exercising when it’s cold then remember to wear a hoodie along with your cycling shorts. 

Take all of these fitness equipment trends into account to ensure that you are keeping up with all of the latest trends in the world of fitness. 

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