The Latest Health Trends

Heath trends are impacting us all. Whether it’s group fitness classes, whey protein powder benefits or a dietary supplement, all of these have an impact on how we perceive our fitness. Fitness can help us in many different stages of our life, meth rehabilitation, along with a strong fitness plan can help with recovering from an addiction. The same can be said for when you are preparing for an active holiday. Pre ski season exercises and snowboarding exercises will help you to get fit before you arrive at the slopes for your skiing vacation. 

Most of us could probably benefit from a little more health for wellness in our lives. With that in mind, there are some of the latest health trends that you could consider to take up before the new year begins.

Oat milk

Oat milk has really increased in popularity and its popularity is probably down to baristas using it in coffee. It appears that oat milk has taken over almond milk. Oat milk doesn’t provide the nutty flavour that almond milk does, however, it is creamy so it works well with coffee. No doubt, oat milk will soon be available in other foods such as yoghurt and ice cream and won’t be used just for coffee.

Time out from the digital world

More and more tools and apps are popping up which help us to track our usage of social media.  Although social media can be useful, quite often we spend too much time on it. We are becoming more aware of how we take on content and are now taking time away from the digital world, especially when it’s unproductive.

Body inclusivity

The fashion industry seems to be finally seeing the light when it comes to body inclusivity.  This has needed to change as the average size of most women is between 16 and 18, but clothing stores tend to only store sizes from 0 to 12. This new trend could mean that the plus-size section will be catered for and all sizes will be found together.

Plant-based skincare

Plant-based skincare has been the go-to option for skincare. Occasionally they can cause flakey skin, sensitivity to the sun and dryness. Therefore, a new plant-based alternative is now an option and this is known as’ retin-alts,’ and specifically bakuchiol. This works as an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory so it is perfect for those who have sensitive or dry skin and cannot use retinol. This plant-based option derives from the babchi, the plant which links to to the Ayurveda industry. The ingredients are high in Vitamin E, which is known to firm the skin, reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen. As bakuchiol also has antibacterial properties, it’s also ideal for those that suffer from oily skin or acne.  

Keeping Hair

This trend is related to females and the fact that they no longer need to feel pressured to remove hair. Waxing has now become optional as body inclusivity is trending. This means that women are now able to embrace their bodies as they are and not feel the need to remove hair if they don’t wish to.

Your smile

Dental care continues to trend this year. We all know that flossing and brushing our teeth twice a day is crucial, but dental healthcare is changing. Dental and oral care has been stagnant in the past, but this is now changing as dental and oral health has become more of a concern. Cosmetic dentures are also a trend that is gaining some momentum as those that require dentures are now able to get perfect teeth to suit their face. 


CBD has been popular since last year, but it is still continuing to increase in popularity especially as it’s becoming more accepted. More and more products containing CBD are being created. These products target specific illnesses and injuries and include natural ingredients.


We are starting to see that long workouts may not always be the best option,  especially if they result in an increase of cortisol, the stress chemical which works by sending the body into fight or flight mode. This causes your metabolism to slow down and this can cause the body to store fat. Working out needs to incorporate working the mind as well as the body as the connection between mental health and exercise has now been highlighted.  The trend now is for workouts to be shorter i.e. 30-minute sessions. 

Stretching classes are also on the increase and this is simply down to the fact that missing out on recovery and heading straight to your next workout causes your body to be prone to injury.


Ayurveda has become more mainstream these days. Ayurvedic herbs, such as holy basil, have been used for many years in India. According to Ayurveda, such specific herbs contain a special tonic which promotes health and well-being.

IV drips

Many health experts have suggested that taking regular nutrients intravenously can help to hydrate you as well as provide you with some nutrients that cannot be absorbed orally. This works because an IV drip passes your digestive system and therefore nutrients can be better absorbed. IV infusions have said to help with improving digestion, muscle recovery, improving the skins appearance and jet lag. Although this was once a celebrity trend, it’s now becoming more mainstream.


Products containing cauliflower grew by over 70% last year with products such as cauliflower rice and cauliflower pizza crust now available. Cauliflower is no longer just a vegetable found in the fresh and freezer section, as it has now moved itself into the cracker and chips aisle,  the section that has always been regarded as unhealthy. Expect to see cauliflower crisps, pretzels and crackers popping up more and more.

Adapt these latest health trends to your day to day life to find a new you before the new year is upon us. 

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