Low Impact Activities So You Can Get Out This Summer Even With An Injury

If you’re in the need to give your body a break from heavy workouts, new to working out or have concerns with an injury, low impact activities are a safe and effective method of exercise. Low-impact activities are less hard on the body and focus on alleviating stress or pressure on your joints. They can also be a great way to get your heart pumping while reducing chances of obtaining an injury. The type and intensity of exercise you can handle depending on your injury. Recovery is dependent on many factors including the location of the injury, the severity of the injury and the personality of the individual involved. Below, you will find 11 low impact activities that will put your muscular and cardiovascular systems to the test. 


Swimming is a challenging yet great low-impact activity that provides a bucket full of health benefits. Your cardio fitness level improves as you swim consistently throughout your recovery. Buoyancy in the water helps support your weight which reduces stress on your body. It’s a great way to incorporate cardio, strength and flexibility Though it requires a whole-body effort, it can be a proper challenge for those that run or go biking full time.  By using basic freestyle strokes, you engage the muscles in the upper and lower part of your body most especially your shoulders, triceps and core. If you know you can’t try swimming, you can try running in water.


This low-impact exercise is a great way to overcome irritating injuries. You can easily tailor it to meet your fitness level. You would have to consider certain factors such as deciding on the type of bike and location of the injury. For instance, a recumbent bike is suitable for back injuries. Also, consider getting the best off-road electric bike that will end up saving you money in the long run. Cycling on a bike is a fun way to start off some activities that also poses lower risks of damaging the joints. It’s not hard work, With a consistent effort, you’ll be cycling like a pro. 


Hiking is another fun activity with a low impact. Add more adventure to a walk by adding some hiking terrain. Remember to go for flatter surfaces to maintain a minimum impact. Strap on your boots and hit the woods, while you’re at it, ensure you’re up to date about hiking.


Stair walking is an effective method to build strength and restore your body to a healthy state from an injury. It involves a plyometric motion that targets similar muscles as squats and lunges which sets your heart pumping opens up your lungs and improves balance. 


If you’re a full-time runner that usually lasts longer than 3o minutes, an injury can become a limiting factor. A great alternative is to go on a five minutes jog and then walk for 20 minutes. Do this repeatedly, with time, you will be able to ease back into running while getting the opportunity to get refreshed and make progress with your recovery.


Rock climbing is a fun way to take off some stress. All you have to do is simply head to the closest rock wall you can find. Climbing movements are controlled and steady which helps to work the muscles with fewer chances of experiencing a strain.


Cardio kickboxing is an easy-to-do low impact exercise that combines boxing moves with cardio to get your blood pumping in no time. The good thing about it is that you don’t need a bag because all the moves are performed in the air. This also creates less impact on your body even though you should be careful with the kicks and how you control their landings so as to prevent unnecessary strain on your knees or ankles. If you’re undergoing back of the knee pain treatment it will be best to limit the kicks. You can consider Fox knee protection for added support.


Another type of exercise you can do is rowing. It is also a non-weight bearing workout that combines total body strength and cardio. It is one of the best options to consider if you have joint concerns. If you don’t have a rowing machine, you will need access to one. You can decide to workout at the gym where you will have access to enough fitness equipment or if you prefer a home-based workout, a quick search on exerciseequipment online will put you in the best place to get started.


TRX is also known as total body resistance exercise. It uses a strap suspension system that plays on gravity together with the weight of the user’s body. It combines cardio and strength, goes easy on the joints but also a bit challenging on the body. You can tailor each difficulty experienced based on fitness level, and the straps provide you with the needed support. If you don’t have a set of straps then you can get a TRX suspension training at the gym. It will be worth the effort but be sure to conduct some research or you can ask the trainer to demonstrate some of the basic moves. The most effective way to carry out your TRX exercise is to follow up walking, this will help facilitate blood flow throughout your body and total body strength.


This cozy form of exercise is a different kind of morning walk. When you walk against the force of the snow you will be expending energy more than if you were walking on dry land. This activity helps tame your body while enabling you to make progress with your recovery.


Rollerblading is a fun way to reduce stress on the limbs. Strap on some skates and glide along. Be sure you already know how to use a skateboard properly to prevent an injury from occurring.

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