The Latest Health Trends

Like any trends, health trends are also something that are in and out so we are going to take a look at some health and wellness trends that are in and those that will be out this year. 

  • Pre and probiotics 

Gut health will continue to be an important focus this year. Therefore food thats contain pre and probiotic bacteria will be big in 2019. Consider foods such as kefir, kimchi and yoghurt as well as supplements. With supplements however, be careful as many are still unregulated.  

  • Tongue scraping 

Move over dry brushing as this year it will be all about tongue scraping. Tongue scraping is an ayurvedic ritual which can help remove, food, dead cells and bacteria from the surface of the tongue. Whilst we sleep, any undigested toxins are brought to the surface of the tongue by our digestive systems. Therefore, it’s clear to see why toxins need removing. If they are not removed they will simply be reabsorbed by the body which can affect the immune system and cause digestive related issues.

  • Weight training 

Weight lifting equipment can be sourced from many outlets and is useful for many types of sports. A barbell shop online is a good starting search when looking for equipment. Other searches that are useful when considering weight training are a vegan protein powder, supplements, best exercises for skiing or snowboarding exercises. All these types of searches will bring in different stockists that will have weights to suit certain sports or goals you may have. Bear in mind that weight training can often be the best exercises for skiing as it focuses on core strength as it’s is not just sports and body toning that weights are good for. They are often recommended for injuries too. Take for example, shoulder physiotherapy. Once your shoulder is strong enough to take on weight training, weight training is a good, quick way of speeding up your recovery. Finally, even a drug rehabilitation programme can benefit from weight training as someone who is in recovery from drugs is able to concentrate and turn their focus towards something new. 

  • Mindfulness 

The focus on mental health continues to increase and mindfulness is on the increase because of the benefits it provides. Mindfulness can involve small practices such as putting your smartphone down to taking time out to meditate. Ultimately, we would all benefit from being more aware of ourselves at any given time.  

  • Instinctive eating 

Forget cleansing and calorie counting, this year the focus should be on eating using your instincts. The aim is to get to grips with your body’s needs and teaching yourself this. Take time to pay attention and listen to your body’s needs and you will soon learn when you are hungry and when your body is full and you feel satisfied.  

  • Online and virtual 

In 2029, virtual training will be huge and it’s a trend which means people can workout without having to leave their homes. One of the biggest benefits of this is for those who are new to exercise and may feel indimotard by going to a gym. These online subscriptions will also be a cheaper option compared to a standard gym subscription too.  

  • Workout pregnancies 

More and more women are choosing to work out during their pregnancies, under doctor’s instructions. It is believed that this can help when it comes to postpartum recovery and help to make the birth of the baby easier. The trick is to find the safest way to workout whilst pregnant. 

  • Fertility tracking

Although we’ve always tracked fertility, an option on trend this year will be fertility tracking which is technology based. This technology allows you to track stress levels, sleep patterns as well as your resting pulse rate and your skin temperature. It appears that this will be a popular choice when it comes to birth control this year.  

  • Food sensitivity 

Testing for food sensitivity will also be on trend this year. Although this has been around for a while, it looks like it will be increasing in popularity once again this year. Quite often we think we are allergic to some foods, where in actual fact we are just sensitive to them. This means there may be foods that you can still eat, it’s just that they need to be eaten in moderation. The latest technology with regards to food sensitivity means that the testing can be done at home which allows you to work out what foods you may be sensitive to.  

  • No oil 

More and more of us are turning to an oil free diet. Oils are not just high in calories, they also lose their nutritional value once they reach our kitchens. This means the only value we left with is fat and it’s no longer a fat that’s as healthy as it once was. Another negative of oils is that they can increase the risk of heart disease as they affect our blood vessels. The aim for this year is to avoid coconut, olive, flaxseed and avocado oil and instead use vegetable broth or water to help food that sticks when cooking.  

  • Food delivery 

This is a trend that will continue to grow with regards to health and wellness as convenience is always sought after. Food delivery services mean that we can make great food at home regardless of dietary requirements. Food delivery services cater for gluten free, vegan and organic requirements. Best of all, a meal can be made without the need to look for recipes or headout to the shop in search for the ingredients. Cooking is therefore not only be made healthier, it also becomes a simpler process.  

Health trends that are out

So we’ve looked at what trends are in this year, what about the trends that are out and you need to to avoid this year?

It’s clear to see that some of the trends that are going to be popular this year have already been around and are just continuing to increase in popularity. However, there are some new trends surfacing this year for you to try out in order to try and keep yourself fit and healthy. 

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