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As we hit the mid winter months in New Zealand, the push for staying fit throughout the cold months stays strong. From getting fit for skiing, to changing eating habits to be more sustainable and eating more plant based products, this month in health is going strong. Let’s take a look at what else is buzzing in the health world as of late. 

Boutique fitness 

Big gyms are out, small, locally owned boutique fitness studios are in. Boutique studios are just as they sound – smaller, more niche, and dedicated to providing an excellent workout like yoga, spin or bodyweight training in a comfortable and sometimes luxurious environment. People are loving these studios because of the full service and luxury treatment you can receive, as well as a sense of community that some of these giant gym moguls can’t provide.

This list of amazing boutique classes in Auckland will get you started on a new kind of fitness, probably using muscles you’ve never used before! The types of workouts you’ll get from these specialty classes will be completely different from your regular run around the neighbourhood, or even an extensive weight session at your local gym. You’ll likely have a lot more fun, and in a lovely space that caters to your needs. Plus, you’ll likely get to know people because of the smaller studios, and this will help you feel more motivated to make it to those difficult early morning classes, for example. 

Multiple studios 

Along with boutique studios, we’re also seeing a trend towards not only wanting to take different types of classes at one studio, but use multiple studios to supplement different workouts. ClassPass is one of the platforms that recently exploded in popularity around the world and offers this flexibility to its users. Signing up gives you a certain amount of credits, which you can use at studios all over your city, and perhaps even the entire country. 

This flexibility lets you try several classes at one venue, or multiple venues all at once. It means that if you like the yoga studio near your house in the morning for a quick vinyasa class, but enjoy a grueling skiing and snowboarding exercise session near work, you can go to both without needing a membership at both. These types of memberships are all over the world, and people are loving the fact that they can still enjoy the boutique studios without having to buy a full membership at one. 

Home technology 

After all this talk about fitness studios, we’re now saying screw the commute and try some of the amazing home fitness technology coming out. One of our favourites (and unfortunately one of the most expensive), is an actual full-length mirror that also plays you workouts from yoga to boxing and more, correcting your form and encouraging you along the way. It even has live workouts that change each week to keep you on your toes. If the Mirror isn’t in your budget, there’s plenty of other wearable tech like Fitbits or Apple watches, plus in home technology to really push your workout to the next level. As technology gets better and better, many people are loving the flexibility and ease of high quality workouts at home. 

Customisable health 

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find heaps of options for customising things like your vitamins to knowing exactly where your ancestors come from. Things like customisable vitamin services definitely have their pros and cons, but are swiftly becoming quite popular. The good news is that we’re starting to take deeper looks into what we individually need, versus general multivitamins that likely have plenty we can live without, and not enough of what we personally need. As the above link states, however, meeting with a dietician and really diving deep into your needs is the best way to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins for you. 

Physiotherapy and massage 

Physiotherapy clinics have been around for a long time, but recent innovations and shifting toward preventative care has changed the face of physiotherapy and other health practices, like massage. Just as fitness has gone smaller and more boutique, so has physio and massage. Many practitioners have actually joined up to create a one-stop shop for customers, allowing them to come in for more traditional services like physio exercises or an hour long sport massage, but also offer a less traditional service, like cupping or acupuncture. 

We’re seeing this trend across other areas as well, like offering wellness hubs that offer all of the above, plus perhaps daily yoga classes, natural protein powder smoothies and shakes and health coaches all in one. Wellness centres in New York, for example, already have over a thousand people on a waiting list, so it’s clear that this all-in-one trend is quite popular. And really, it makes plenty of sense. Often, one approach isn’t enough to treat injury, pain or discomfort. It takes a well rounded approach working multiple areas of your body to get back to feeling your best, and the same goes for preventative care as well. 

The future of these types of hubs are truly unlimited, and we may see this approach in many other areas as well. For example, we could be seeing drug rehabilitation centres with fitness studios inside, as exercise is known to aid in recovery, or at least help distract from any cravings. Workplaces are also incorporating in house GP services and coffee bars, allowing your employees to be healthier while at work and prevent any issues from popping up. 


It’s clear that this month in health is full of all-in-one and customised services that allow you to mix and match exactly what you need and want out of your healthy lifestyle. We’re excited to see what other combos will be available in the future, and will be sure to keep you updated next month! 

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