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Every time we turn around, we see a new health trend taking over Instagram or being promoted at health clubs and physio rehab centres. It’s hard to discern which of these is a trend we should try, a trend we should ignore, or a trend that is really just a trend and nothing more. And unfortunately, when it comes down to it, these are all questions you usually need to figure out on your own, or with your doctor.

But, there’s plenty of trends out there as of late that you can try on your own without needing anyone’s permission. We’d like to go through some of our favourite trends that don’t require a doctor’s permission, and are totally safe for anyone to try (with only a couple of exceptions that we’ll specifically call out later).

Mental Workouts

Mental health has become such a buzzword as of late, and for good reason. With study after study coming out and advising us of the importance of our mental health and how it can affect not only our entire body, but how we interact with the world, it’s clear that this is becoming extremely important.

One awesome trend has been in the meditation world. Sitting and clearing your mind for even just 5 minutes a day, especially in a world where we are overstimulated at work and at home almost our entire waking hours, is life changing for some people. There have been lots of studies out there, with big and small sample sizes, that have validated the health benefits of meditation. Here’s a good article with plenty of studies attached to read more for yourself.

Meditation apps can provide a moment of clarity in a busy world, without having to worry about how exactly you are supposed to meditate. Here are some of the best ones on the app stores at the moment. There are also dozens of apps that are meant to help control your internet and mobile usage, with some shutting off access to certain apps like Facebook or Instagram after an allotted time.


Full disclosure – this is one area we were talking about in the beginning where it would be advisable to speak with your doctor before using any form of CBD.

Here’s the deal: there is a whole lot that we don’t know about CBD, but it’s clear that it’s fast becoming a hot trend. Even Kim Kardashain used CBD as a theme for her latest baby shower. CBD is an active ingredient found in marijuana, but doesn’t cause a “high” on its own. Because it’s a fairly new phenomenon, its legal status is still in flux in many areas, like the United States.

The positive health benefits that people are reporting are often sleep related – meaning that those with chronic insomnia or other sleep issues are finding CBD is helping them fall asleep and stay asleep. Other benefits are reducing seizures, help with chronic pain, and help with anxiety. Please note that official studies are underway to look into these benefits, as well as any risks that may also be associated.


More and more people are looking to completely unplug from our ever increasingly plugged in society. Our mobile phones keep us connected at all times, and we’re even starting to wear things like Air Pods or Apple Watches at all times which means we’re quite literally plugged in 24/7.

Unplugging has become a buzzword as well, with many people turning to camping or yoga and meditation retreats to force them to check their devices at the door and focus internally. There are even retreats and hotels that advertise being wi-fi free, and retreats may purposely bring you to places that do not have a phone signal. Even up until a few years ago, a wi-fi free zone would have made us shudder, but now we’re starting to crave the space to breathe and be disconnected. Even if you don’t feel up to a backpacking adventure in the wild to disconnect, you can easily find carefully curated trips, retreats and even safaris to help you along. This is a really interesting article about what’s available across the world to disconnect if you want to learn more.

Full body health and fitness

Along with unplugging our brains from technology, another big health trend is putting the focus on the entire body versus strengthening just one or two core areas. There is a big push to strengthening bodies to prevent injury, with things like snowboarding exercise programmes to get your body in shape before you even hit the slopes. With plenty of online options, like online skiing exercises or online yoga programmes, many people are turning to things they can work on themselves at home. Many exercise routines and health studios are using classes and trainers that focus on the entire body, especially areas that support important muscles, like core, hips and back.

Plant based everything

Sustainability has become a top reason why many people are turning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The market has shifted to accommodate the influx, by developing just about everything into plant based products. We’re seeing things like plant based protein powder and alternative milks hitting the shelves and taking over. Even clothing has been making the jump into this world, with requests for custom t-shirts that use natural, plant based materials like hemp and other cruelty-free products. Here’s a fun list of vegan clothing companies to look into further. When thinking about moving to a solely plant-based diet, we recommend doing plenty of research and speaking with a licensed nutritionist to ensure that you are doing it safely and effectively.

That brings us to the end of this month’s top trends in health, and we hope that you feel motivated to try a few of these out, or at least start looking into them more!

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