Benefits Of Physiotherapy For Sports Players

Sports physiotherapy is a specific type of physiotherapy that looks at the injuries that can affect people who play sports. The kinds of injuries that those who play sports can get are different to those injuries that can happen to us every day. Sports players put a great deal on stress on their bodies and this can push the bodies bones, joints and muscles to a great extent. Aside of helping sports players recover from an injury, sports physiotherapists also aid and educate in order to help prevent issues arising in the future.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy Helps to Protect Against Injuries

Most physiotherapists offer a personalised service to suit the sports person and their sport. At the beginning a physiotherapist will study a sports players joints flexibility, overall flexibility and their strength. This information is then used to create a personalised programme which will help to improve performance and physical capabilities. Additionally, physiotherapy will help to prevent a sports person suffering from cramps, torn ligaments, stresses and strains.

  • Physiotherapy Helps with Muscle and Joint Flexibility

In order to do well, a sports person needs to be agile and flexible. Sports players such as swimmers, cricketers and baseball players need flexibility in order to succeed. Physiotherapy can enhance flexibility so that the sports player can play at their optimum level.  

  • Physiotherapy Increases the Strength of the Sports Player

Sports players use a great deal of their strength when at work. In some sports, players have to take knocks such as footballers, rugby players and boxers. The side effect of these knocks is that the muscles of the sports player are under a lot of pressure. The role of a physiotherapist is to therefore help a sports player to improve the strength of their body as well as the impact it can take. To do this, ligaments, muscles, bones and joints need to be strengthened so that the sports player can tolerate the stress that they are under when playing their sport.

  • Physiotherapy Aids Relaxation

Following a game/match, a sports player’s body is tired and the body will crave relaxation. A physiotherapist will help a sports player to relax and help them to bring back their energy levels. This way a sports player is ready to participate in their sport the following day if need be.

  • Physiotherapy Provides Rehabilitation and Treatment to Injuries

Accidents cannot always be prevented even if you are the most careful person. A physiotherapist can help to speed up the recovery process when an injury occurs and also help to ensure the injury does not create more problems. Each injury will have a certain treatment. For example, an ankle injury will require specific ankle physiotherapy compared to a shoulder injury. Physiotherapy for injuries on the ankle or on the shoulder can help speed up recovery and prevent other complications before they may begin.

Sports Teams and The Positives of Physiotherapy

As well as individual physiotherapy for a sports player, a sports team will also benefit from having physiotherapy on a regular basis. Here are some of the positives of having physiotherapy for a sports team:

  • Team Guidance

Aside of preventing injuries and aiding recovery there’s another reason why team sports therapy is beneficial. A physiotherapist can evaluate the whole team and focus on specific sports players to see if there’s anything that may be impacting their performance. Additionally, physiotherapy can also help to improve performance, even if there are no specific areas to deal with. For instance, balance is crucial in many sports from skiers improving their ski fitness, hockey players on the field to basketball players on the basketball floor. A physiotherapist can provide a team with the correct guidance when it comes to strengthening the core which help with balance. Overall, physiotherapists can help to work alongside a team training program to improve performance and prevent injuries.

  • Attaining an Advantage

It goes without saying that the most crucial aspect is the health and well-being of each sports player in a team. This health and well-being can be achieved by working with a physiotherapist and it will also help to give your team another advantage and that is the competitive benefit advantage when out on the field/track etc.

  • Fast and Efficient Treatment for Injuries

If one person in a team in injured, it can affect the overall performance of a team. Therefore, having access to a physiotherapist for your team will ensure that any injuries are looked after in a speedy manner, which will help to make sure that all of your team are at their best. Having a designated physiotherapist for your team in place also ensures that the physiotherapy has immediate access to your players personal history and medial details. The physiotherapist can them put appropriate treatment, therapy and prescribe the necessary medication without delay.

  • It’s a Healthier Option

Painkillers and other medication can have negative side effects. If you have a regular physiotherapist who includes physical therapy within their treatment, pain can be avoided without the need of medication.

  • Injury Prevention

Ideally injury prevention is the preferred option compared to effective injury treatment. Although it’s true that some injuries cannot be avoided, it can also be said that more can be done to prevent sport related injuries. If a team work with a physiotherapist they will become more aware of the kinds of injuries they are at risk of. For example, football players are at a greater risk of sprains and cartilage tears. For this reason, a physiotherapist can educate a team of sports players with information regarding warming up and cooling down as these two aspects will help reduce the chance of sprains and tears.

It’s clear to see there are numerous benefits of physiotherapy for sports players, both for individual players as well as for sports teams.

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