The Latest Research Around Fitness and Health

Because you live a busy life and keeping up with the latest fitness and health fads and trends seems almost impossible, here’s a list that we’ve compiled of the most exciting and relatable content out there right now. Research has shown that these trends aren’t simply fads, and will be of value to the health and fitness community.

Non-restrictive diets

There will always be the diet of the moment, spouting off the newest “research” on the next big health food or macronutrient that you’ve been missing or should never eat. However, one of the loudest voices in the constant wave of new diets and superfoods is going back to basics, and trying to eat intuitively.

This voice is one that has not only gained traction, but remains to be one of the saner options in comparison to the grapefruit diet or many of the other hyper restrictive diets. Many people have realised that weight hasn’t typically been an issue for humans, until we began restricting certain parts of our diet, such as fat or carbohydrates, as well as when we started adding chemicals to food to make it last longer.

Many people are embracing intuitive eating, which is essentially just listening to your body and eating when you want and what you want, until you are satiated. Sounds outrageously simple, right? But for a lot of us, we’ve forgotten how to actually listen to our body and we overeat to excess. We don’t know when to stop, and we often eat when we’re bored or anxious or sad or even happy. Intuitive eating brings us back to the basics, and encourages to listen to your own body and not restrict it when hungry.


Going to the chiropractor isn’t just about getting your back cracked back into place anymore. In fact, they may completely shy away from any adjustment altogether in favour of other, less intense treatments. Chiropractic care is moving away from hard adjustments and spinal corrections, to a more holistic approach to treating you.

Many chiropractors use forms of muscle release, such as active release, to remove obstructions of blood flow to the area and get you healing quicker. They also may provide more massage like care, by using their body weight to remove muscle knots and relieve tightness.  

Boutique fitness

Look around a medium to large city, especially around the city centre area, and count the number of yoga studios, cycle and spin studios, and any other fitness studios you see. These small, focused boutique fitness specialists are popping up everywhere, and for good reason.

Initially, general workout gyms were a place for simple workouts. A few treadmills, perhaps some stationary bicycles, and rows of free weights and weight machines. As different types of fitness started to gain ground, such as yoga or hip hop dance classes, these gyms realised the importance of offering more than just a cardio and a weight machine. They integrated yoga studios into their building and started offering all types of classes throughout the day.

Now, this isn’t enough for many people. The truth is, these general gyms don’t specialise in just yoga, or just spin, so the quality won’t quite be there. In addition, for someone practicing yoga seriously, they will want a studio that is quiet, focused, and with quality teachers. This is part of the reason why these boutique studios are gaining more and more ground.

Boutique studios also provide almost a luxury experience for the participants. Many offer all of the amenities for showers, various hygiene products, and even free drinks after class or happy hour meetups. These personal touches, along with the much higher quality class and equipment, is what is attracting the fitness fanatics and regular workout-ers alike.

Embracing weights

For women, especially, there has often been a rumour that lifting weights makes you bulky. We’ve stayed away from them, because of this, and focused on cardio, cardio, and more cardio, never building the muscle we need to keep weight off and be the healthiest we can be.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “strong is the new sexy”? This mentality is now taking off all over the world, as more and more gyms like a Crossfit gym are spawning in cities everywhere. It’s become an amazing trend of empowering women to embrace strength, muscles, and balance, as essential parts of being healthy and fit.

Tracking devices

Wearable health tracking devices has taken off on today’s fitness market, taking the essence of a pedometer and turning it into a multi-use product. These trackers can track anything from your steps, your heart rate, your sleep patterns and your calories burned for the day. Most of them sync to an app on your phone or download onto your computer to watch for trends and patterns.

This is particularly exciting because it promotes an active engagement in your health. For many, it provides a daily challenge of reaching a certain amount of steps or climbing flights of stairs, and can be of great motivation to get moving. Although research is still being done on the benefits of fitness trackers, some studies have already shown that they may help people get more active.

Other watches, like GPS watches have been popular for some time but have always been on the pricy side for the general public. As fitness trackers have become more and more popular, the prices have gone down and made them generally quite affordable. Plus, the sheer variety of quality trackers makes it easy to find something that fits your needs perfectly.

These are just a few of the newest fitness and health fads that research is showing are actually quite effective in helping people be more active, live healthier lives, and get more involved in their own wellbeing. While fitness and health will always be evolving, you can expect that these trends will push on through the near future for quite some time.  

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